Notes on the other + A story for the modlins

Notes on the other + A story for the modlins

Double session with Notes on the other and A story for the Modlins.
With the presence of the directors Carlos Muguiro and Sergio Oksman

Notes on the other
Sergio Oksman, Spain, 2009, 13'

The same day Ernest Hemingway was buried, on 7 July 1961, one of his most famous doubles showed his face at the famous festivals of San Fermin in Pamplona. Today, tens of Hemingway doubles compete in the annual competition held in Key West, Florida, determined to be the “real Hemingway after Hemingway's death." But why do they want to be someone else?

A story for the Modlins
Sergio Oksman, Spain, 2012, 26'

After appearing as an extra in Roman Polanski’s The Devil Seed, the mysterious Elmer Modlin fled with his wife Margaret and his son Nelson to a distant country. Thirty years later, hundreds of photographs and intimate family documents appeared on the sidewalk, waiting for someone to imagine "a story for the Modlins".