"La sensibilidad" filmaren proiekzioa

We will visit different areas of the city and carry out small-scale different activities related to the cultural project . We will use Txiringailua -T, a mobile device created by M- ​​Etxea and Tabakalera to make different activities in public space.

­La sensibilidad, Germán Scelso, Argentina, 2012, 60'

Laura and Maria Luisa are same generation but opposite social classes. Two women that suffered the disappearance of their children during the military dictatorship, although one was lucky enough to get his daughter back, the other not. German Scelso -film director and grandson of both- portrays different sensitivities as belonging to a social class. The idea that identity transcends narrative capacity , that history does not exist as a unit and that only leaves discover its truths probing diagonals , curves, and further, unknown forms were discovered.