Creative Code

Creative Code

Café Europa is a project initiated by Mons 2015 – European capital of culture. By launching the concept of Café Europa, Mons 2015 hopes to bring back these emblematic places for meetings and exchanges and reinstate their stated role through the digital dimensions of accessibility, conviviality and fun.

As hyper-connectivity in the civil society can end up finally in separating people, Mons 2015 is strongly supporting the return of real social contact. Indeed, the more technologies evolve, the more people feel the need to return to what is essential, direct human contact, and not a virtual one. Is there a better place than a café to renew these links and rebuild the world?

“Creative coding” slot is a meet up among connected cities, when we all together share and discuss visions, expectations, possibilities and working ideas for the Creative Coding slot.
Workshops, experiments and international connection in fields of telepresence technologies, programming, digital interfaces and creative experience. The Lab is open for everyone who wants to enter this exciting encounter between art, creativity and digital technologies and coding.

The host of this program in San Sebastián will be Hirikilabs, a laboratory prototype developed by Tabakalera in collaboration with DSS2016 working within the framework of social and collaborative to create activities that relate the digital world and citizen empowerment technologies.

Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera, San Sebastián - Donostia 2016

Protagonists : Karlos G. "Patxangas" Liberal

Tags : Creative code, Encounter, Opening Café Europa, Karlos G. Liberal "Patxangas", Open source, Laboratory



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