Jeanne and Jérôme are two musicians in a great orchestra. She plays the cello and him the violin. They are both very shy and unconfident. As the conductor ask them to play a sonate together, they are first unwilling to play together. After a few notes, the two musicians are in perfect harmony , and this duo turns into a magical moment... magical indeed...

Buch, Mikaël (direction) ; Buch, Mikaël (script) ; Desmazières, Laure (script) ; Chammah, Lolita (cast) ; Maury, Nicolas (cast) ; Dobtchev, Vernon (cast) ; Frantzia ; Azpititulorik gabe ; L'Atelier - Masterclass ; Lehiaketan parte hartutako laburmetraia ; 2008

9 min. : kol. ; 68 MB ; MP4


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