Labo 2015 - Labo 4. Film laburren emanaldia = Labo 2015 - Labo 4. Proyección de cortometrajes = Labo 2015 - Labo 4. Screening of a short films

Labo 2015 - Labo 4. Film laburren emanaldia = Labo 2015 - Labo 4. Proyección de cortometrajes = Labo 2015 - Labo 4. Screening of a short films

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Clermont-Ferrand Festival, Tabakalera and Donostia Kultura, which celebrates its eighth anniversary this year, from 16 to 20th of  February, all films included in the festival’s LABO experimental section will be screened at Teatro Principal. The cycle includes a selection of experimental proposals, offering new and, on many occasions, disturbing points of view, as well as works verging on the edge of video-art or contemporary art, all located in this space in which the lines delimiting the different disciplines become increasingly blurred.

365, Myles McLeod, UK, England, 2013, Animation, 06'53'' OST (Basque)

One year, one film, one second a day. 365 is an improvised film made up of a second a day of animation which began on the 1st January 2013 and ended on New Year’s Eve. The final film charts the comings and goings of the year, real and imagined.

Onder Ons, Guido Hendrikx, Netherlands, 2014, Documentary-Experimental, 23'48'' OST (Basque)

Three self-conscious, highly-educated pedophiles give a merciless insight into their experiences. How do you cope with a sexual orientation that’s considered morbid by society and by yourself?

Symphony no. 42, Reka Bucsi, Hungary, 2014, Animation, 09'33'' OST (Basque)

A film with an unconventional narrative presenting a subjective world in 47 scenes. Small events, interlaced by associations, express the irrational coherence of our surroundings. The surreal situations are based on the interactions of humans and nature.

Let Me Down Easy, Matthew De Filippis, Elisia Mirabelli, Canada, 2014, Fiction, 15'30'' OST (Basque)

In a small town where tradition reigns, adolescents are rounded up and tested in an ultimate challenge. In their twentieth year, the youth are brought to forbidden territory and in the duration of one night will be overcome by the darkness of sin.

Exuvie, Emmanuel Lantam-Ninsao, France, 2014, Animation-Fiction, 14'10'' OST (Basque)

A man. A tropical forest. A colonial house. Stick insects. The memory of a woman.

Fok Nabo Distorio, Francesco Rosso, Estonia, 2014, Animation-Experimental, 07'04'' OST (Basque)

An experimental abstract animation based on “Liivaterade Raamat” [excerpt] composed by Liis Viira. This short film is improvised by animating in stop-motion different objects through optical lenses.

Yen Yen, Chunni Lin, Taiwan, 2014, Fiction, 11'35'' OST (Basque)

The border between subjective and objective reality, though distinct (water is always water and air is always air), changes constantly. The story begins here – on this rolling surface between dream and reality. Panacea seekers fish around for answers. But do they really exist?

Ser e voltar, Xacio Baño, Spain, 2014, Documentray-Experimental, 13'30'' OST (Basque)

A young filmmaker comes back to his grandparents’ house to do a video portrait of them. That’s what cinema is about, isn’t it?