Ni, zu, Chantal = Yo, tú, Chantal = I, You, Chantal

Ni, zu, Chantal = Yo, tú, Chantal = I, You, Chantal

We could have called this seminar in many ways.

Something to express our desire to talk to her about gestures, and choreography in her work.

To talk about the ways she chooses to deal -to treat, to show herself – with image and story.

About individual gestures and its relationship with the immediate political. About the act of shooting.

We could also say that we are particularly interested in how she treats the distance and the proximity to the other in her cinema.

The edges from which she continues to place. The determination and fragility. Her positioning.

We imagine this seminar as a conversation among books and movies.

– The seminar is organised in two working sessions at Kaxilda (March 3 and 4)
– The language that participant will use for seminar discussion will be English (with translation if needed)
– Enrollment and a motivation letterare required. Deadline is February 11. Places are limited. If you are interested in participating, please, send an email to

This visit is part of Arrakalatuta, a program of meetings organized by kaXilda work group that in its second meeting invites Chantal Akerman in collaboration with Tabakalera .