KaleSoundsystem (II)

KaleSoundsystem (II)

Workshop for the construction of a citizen soundsystem

Building a DIY small audio equipment is perfect for learning the basics of analogic audio and how sound waves work. It give us the opportunity to learn basic concepts that allow us to use recycled speakers, build soundboards, welding components and calculate the amplification needed for a particular type of sound.

From building this team amateur audio, delve into Soundsystem culture . The Soundsystem concept is often used to refer to a traveling vehicle that has a powerful sound system, through which a selector or DJ set up street parties in public space with music and/or video.

The passion for handcrafted sound equipment and its use in the public space as a generator of community events is basic to understand many contemporary cultural events such as reggae, dub, techno… Since its inception in Jamaica, Soundsystem movement was based on two pillars:  the diffusion of a musical landscape and an informal, self-managed and participatory culture for festive and spontaneous occupation of public space .

The objective of this workshop is to build a tool that will have a public use. That is, the implementation of a process to build a Soundsystem that would be used by individuals or groups in the city .

April 22 : Construction of the structure of the soundsystem and implementation of audio equipment.
April 29 : Installation // Electronics