During the time of China's one-child policy, Yan is born as the second child. Having sent his sister to the countryside, to keep Yan's secret his parents dress him as a girl while he is growing up. But now Yan feels confused about his identity and struggles with the conservative world around him. Drifting in his father's old taxi gives him the way to express his feelings. Tonight he decides to set out on a journey where the past and dreams meet. 

Hanxiong Bo (direction) ; Hanxiong Bo (script) ; Yinong Xia , Hanxiong Bo (editing) ; Mingxu Huang (score) ; Joewi Verhoeven (photograph) ; Junxiong Wang, Sanming Han, Jiali Wang, Bowen Hu (interpeter) ; China, USA ; 2019 ; Selected short film.

16 min. : kol. ; 458 MB ; MP4


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