Fokua : hilabete laburrena (2020) = Foco : el mes más corto (2020) = Focus : shortest month (2020)

2019-02-07 / 2019-02-08 Cinema < Tabakalera < San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
Fokua : hilabete laburrena (2020) = Foco : el mes más corto (2020) = Focus : shortest month (2020)

Think of a library. Think of a museum. Think of the coexistence of formats: from the etchings of Goya's black series, to the Joan Didion stories, from the David Hockney marker pens, to the Louise Bourgeois sculptures. Let's think about how Tabakalera's cinema is a space for the coexistence of forms and formats: from the fragment of an audiovisual essay by Agnès Varda, to a 14-hour film by Mariano Llinás; from the review of the short films by the young Godard, to a complete retrospective devoted to the works of Claire Denis.

For years, February is on our screen the month of the short, the month in which we celebrate this diversity of formats paying special attention to the short films. Our programme celebrates cinema and its different times (without the need to separate fictions, documentaries, essays or animations), but we also combine periodicals, techniques, styles and durations without prejudice throughout the year. Small is never less in the Tabakalera cinema, so the short film is for this screen an expression of cinematographic art.

Labo returns, the most irreverent, risky and future section of the Clermont-Ferrand short film festival (France). Kimuak returns, the program of support and distribution of the best Basque short films of the year. Check back to the list of winners of Nest Film Students, the section of the San Sebastian festival that attends the best shorts of international film schools. What we called "The Shortest Week" a year ago, and that consisted in five days of short film programs, this year we extend it throughout the month, we turn February into the shortest month, with more than fifty short films accompanying the program (in which we also include the short Oscar nominee, Mother, by Rodrigo Sorogoyen).

Let us now think of cinema as a living entity that develops and expands when we go to the hall to celebrate it.

Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

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  • Shortest month : Nest film students, SSIFF
  • Laura Huertas Millán. Short films


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