Proiektu irekien 1. deialdia = 1ª convocatoria de proyectos abiertos = 1st call for open projects

Proiektu irekien 1. deialdia = 1ª convocatoria de proyectos abiertos = 1st call for open projects

Through Hirikilabs we want to call you to the 2nd Open Call of Projects (continuation of the WinterLab from December). During these months we have talked about some projects that could be developed; now, we want to take advantage of this moment to sit all-together down and think about what and how to develop.

During these two days we would like to do a group exercise of thinking-out so that we could identify some projects that could be developed collectively in the second half of 2014. We have prepared some group sessions where we will outline, share and plan them. So if you have any idea in mind, this is the moment to share it!

The first session (18th of June) will be about brainstorming, in terms of think up – share – connect.

  • Presenting Hirikilabs + projects/guests + working lines, on the basis of data needed when formalizing the inscription: who are you, what you do you do, what would you like to do and what you need for that.
  • Generating ideas and synergy: each challenge will be worked in a desk and participants will be rotating with the aim of sharing ideas, fostering unexpected connections, list the resources that will be necessary, etc.

The second session’s (19th of June) objective is to change from idea to the project – Planning.

  • The idea is to establish a working calendar of 5 months, more or less, being December 2014 the date when this phase will end, giving rise to the 3rd Open Call of Projects. This is about translating the results and conclusions of the ideas and synergy step, into the planning. We will propose a calendar, a list of resources, alliances… to develop the project.

Creation laboratories-Tabakalera

As you may know, our project is about fostering free culture, open design and shared knowledge; the idea of makers being the new digital craftsmen, hackers the code craftsmen and opening p2p learning spaces, where we can share and create knowledge.

Tabakalera defines 3 big working lines. We list them and invite you to propose ideas/projects within them and to participate in them:

  • Free culture (culture as a common resource)
  • Makers+Hackers (new craftsmen + code craftsmen)
  • Expanded learning (new learning contexts)