Fokua : Dora García = Foco : Dora García = Focus : Dora García

2019-01-10 / 2019-02-07 Cinema < Tabakalera < San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
Fokua : Dora García = Foco : Dora García = Focus : Dora García

"Fahrenheit 451 is François Truffaut's most-watched life in my life. The original tale of Ray Bradbury and the Truffaut's culture is The Glass Wall (2002) performance (2001) Zimmer Gespräche (2006), a movie that has no impact on the work of others. Julie Christie's character television, a non-word world, made just by illustration, a red color associated with Nicolas Roeg cinematograph, two characters, a great variety of gender information in the parts of the view of the parts of China's nature. a view of "pleasing" totalitarianism, a terrific character from the Montag boss, Captain Beatty, a sophisticated nasty person, who knows and practiced it, and who still tortures me today. Excellent movie There is nothing missing. It's not a commercial failure. 

My relationship with Sylum started much longer and related to documentary education. I've never even learned film and video, and when I started making videos, I had nothing more than love for the movies I watched. When I made my first documentary in 2010, The Deviant Majority, Peter Robinson's documentaryizing of Kingsley Halle's antipsychiatric experiment, is my main subject and almost certainly a búcera imp. The goal is to achieve the most trust with the object that is documented, thus reducing the camera's hand and minimizing the cinematographic tool. As if the camera were alive amongst them, taking part in the circle, one of them. The "object" and the "object" is the effect of this kind of shooting in The Joycean Society. Most of the people are deviated, although this one is the subject of antipsychotics. 

Dora Garcia

Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

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